The name is Bond, Jane Bond.


Gillian Anderson as Bond.

That’s right, the next James Bond could be a Jane Bond. Following Daniel Craig’s official departure from the 007 movie series, discussions of who the next Bond could be are in full force. 

Growing up, I remember watching the James Bond series with my Dad and idealizing aspects of the character. Here was a person respected by all, feared by many, who got shit done, and snagged any love interest he wanted in the processes. 

As I got older, I soon realized that the world also idealizes this same type of ideal James Bond human, but not a Jane Bond. If I tried to be respected by all, feared by many, get shit done, and snag any love interest I wanted in the processes – people called me bossy or a b*tch.

Soon I realized according to Hollywood the ideal James Bond human is not only all of these qualities, but also male and white. This is not a new theme in Hollywood – I mean think about how many strong female action stars you’ve watched lately. 

All Bonds created so far.

The most powerful part of Hollywood is the messages it creates. These messages shape the world around us and create the norms that we most often adapt to. Many think this is the reason that it is finally time for a female Bond; that the next Bond should represent all who can be respected by all, feared by many, get shit done, and snag any love interest they want in the processes. 

A few suggested names have been tossed around, and Rolling Stone just made a fake trailer featuring Emilia Clarke (from Game of Thrones) as Bond. Other actresses have commented on the role too, like Priyanka Chopra who said (in response to being asked if she would consider being a Bond girl), “…fuck that – I wanna BE Bond.”  

In the last few days, there has also been an official petition formed to get Gillian Anderson to star in the new Bond film. So far, it has reached almost 20,000 signatures. You can sign it by clicking here.  You can also support it by tweeting #GillianForBond

I think it is beyond time for a new definition of what it means to be a Bond. My hope is that all the people growing up and watching the Bond series are able to see a strong woman respected for the same role as the men before her. The impact of this type of social statement can have an impact larger than ever anticipated. It can lead to a shift in society’s general norms, and then in associated actions. Maybe even one day “bossy” or “bitch” will be replaced with “bond” to describe the same type of woman. 

Priyanka Chopra as Bond.

Join into the conversation by tweeting #nextbond today and adding #eonproductions to direct your comment towards the owners of the Bond franchise. Many have been voicing other diverse suggestions under this hashtag, including many actors of colour. 



And, remember, poppers, to see change, share change, be change. Much love xo.


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